A tool to help you create and manage your Formulations and Raw materials with ease.  CLA, is  powerful but very easy  to use Cosmetics Laboratory Assistant.

With a few clicks you have your Raw material defined and saved well for easy re-use.

With a few clicks, you can create a formulation, a product definition

And to some, it is the possibility to check the regulatory aspect of the created formula which they value most.

If it sounds interesting, trust your instinct and give it a try.

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The people working at Thewa Innovation providing service to our customers can be best recognised by zooming into the story of our Chief Consultant and Owner, Ewa Delezuch-Ntambala. The story starts in Poland where she grew up and built her interest for cosmetics and other consumer products such as repellents, disinfectants, cleansing agents for household and car industry, washing products etc.

Her continuous search for a careful balance between production, environment and safety for consumers, provided a good incentive to get to know the science behind the products. On the path to achieving her goal, in 1999 she first attained her Masters degree in Chemistry, specializing in "Technology and Biotechnology of Drugs and Cosmetics", from a leading institution in Poland, the Warsaw University of Technology. Upgrading her knowledge has always been part of her DNA, she has since also taken specialized courses in toxicology, coating industry and clinical chemistry.

Over the years, she has worked in the field of research, production, consulting and regulatory issues for various manufacturers and resellers. She has a passion for what she brings to her customers and consumers. After having worked in hospitals and many industries like cosmetics, paints and chemicals, she has also accumulated scientific knowledge and experience in the fields of toxicology, microbiology and skin biology. Thanks to taking an active role in the field, she gained a vast regulatory experience on the EU regulations as well.

Highlights of her extensive biography are available on this link (LinkedIn).

Currently Thewa Innovation advises many businesses, across the range of sizes, on cosmetics, biocides, medical devices and chemicals, allowing them to achieve compliance and sell their products on the EU-wide market. Thewa Innovation has won a reputation for guiding our customers to move from "idea"  to "product". Customers who have chosen our complete solutions of R&D & Regulatory Compliance, have achieved their goal in the shortest time possible.

The combination of the members of our Team enables the services we offer to our customers. Each of our employees has an interesting story.

You might be a manufacturer, reseller, importer or an entrepreneur in the field of cosmetics, repellents, disinfectants, cleansing agents, detergents, who is seeking professional advice in the field of R&D or Regulatory Compliance.

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Creating ProductsThewa Innovation has the knowledge, experience and resources for researching and developing cosmetics, medical devices, biocides, and other consumer products like detergents, etc.

We innovate together with our customer who wants to convert an idea of a new product into a real marketable product. The wish and imagination of our customer transforms into being. Our best moment is when we finally see the smile on our customer's face, as the product takes its last shape, ready to roll into the production line.

Our customers are content with our R&D department, in particular because of our commitment to professionalism. We are accountable for our promises and our actions. Keeping customer confidentiality is as important to us as developing the product itself. Our customers recognize and value that.

Another point in time when businesses call for our assistance, is when they want to address regulatory issues right from the earliest stage of product development. Our customers usually have their own R&D but still choose this option with us, because they want to make use of our wide experience in this field, which ensures the launching of new products is not delayed by regulatory issues. This also minimizes the chances of reworks on the products after the initial launching, which can save immensely on costs.

Thewa Innovation has experts who bring passion, knowledge and experience into the process of the forming of a product idea to a real product. These experts will work with your company to help your dream for a new or innovative product come true.

Customers who call us for R&D are mainly looking for:

  • Our skills and expertise in the process from the concept stage to the realisation of a new product,
  • Assistance in stabilizing an existing but unstable product, which is already on the market,
  • Scientific and technological assistance for producers of raw materials who want to reach a higher level,
  • A way to achieve results faster and at reasonable costs.

If you experience similar challenges, feel free to contact us (click), to turn your idea into a product.

The company was founded in 2009, as "Thewa Innovation", by a Chemist and Cosmetologist and Regulatory Consultant, Ewa Delezuch-Ntambala who can rely on back-end support from her husband and friend, Thadeo Ntambala. Both are advocates of innovation and creativity, a combination which brought a new name into life - "Th-ewa Innovation". We provide Research & Development as well as Regulatory Compliance services for companies who are in the process of introducing new products within the EU territory.

"My very first cosmetic product took shape in the laboratory of the Warsaw University of Technology, in the 90's, while supporting a consulting company. It was a product completely new to the market. This, together with the patent I acquired later on for "the biotechnological process for new raw materials", gave me satisfaction and a push for success ..." Ewa explains, with enthusiasm...

After being employed in the industry for many years, Ewa started her own business as a consultant in 2009. The idea of bringing innovative products to a wider consumer population, was kept alive and resurfaced at the right moment, again starting with low cost experiments in the kitchen. The company has since grown from a single employment to having employees, partners, and a wide range of customers, where we now deliver high-end services in R&D and Regulatory Compliance.

Our experience in science which assists in launching consumer products such as cosmetics, biocides, medical devices and chemical products onto the market, has also enabled us to support manufacturers and resellers to achieve compliance with EU legislation.
Thanks to our long active role in the industry, we have been able to see both sides of the equation, starting from research and production up to achieving Regulatory Compliance in order to sell a new product onto the EU market and the world at large. This has enabled our customers to introduce new products quickly into the market.
Our physical location is Almere, The Netherlands, a beautiful location which allows us to launch our operations in Europe and beyond.
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Vision, Mission and Values form the foundation for our business to provide guidance to our range of customers.


  • We assist entrepreneurs to move from idea to product, we use science and creativity to bring about meaningful innovation in cosmetics, medical devices, biocides and chemicals.
  • We are committed to bring about the best product experience for consumers around the world, through guiding small and mediumsized manufacturers.
  • We strive to assist our customers in achieving Regulatory Compliance for their products in line with EU legislation.
  • Customer satisfaction is our measure of success, that is why we strive to guide all our customers with speed, professionalism, integrity, honesty and respect.